STEP 1: Email our company or give us a call 773.946.2626. Our design coordinators will work with you and determine what works best for you.

STEP 2: We offer IN-HOME DESIGN consultation and full deign and layout for your kitchen. Our process includes in-home wall-to-wall accurate measurement of you current kitchen and offer all the best choices for your home.

STEP 3: Installation process for kitchen cabinet installation varies from 1-4 days of work depending on the scale of the project. Your floors and walls will be covered during the installation to keep your home clean and dust free. All our cabinet installation work is under our warranty and 100% guarantee.

STEP 4: Our extensive checklist and inspection of our work will insure that the client will be satisfied with the work 100%. We insure that our kitchen installation will be up to code, beautiful and functional.


Undestanding the Process of Kitchen Remodeling


Demolition of your kitchen seems like a easy task to do, but before you grab the sledge-hammer there are some important factors to consider. If your floors have been refinished after the kitchen cabinets then you may have to keep the same cabinet layout as before, you can however invest in new floors if you are changing your cabinet layout. Sofits above the cabinets could be caring wires and plumbing. All electrical feeds and outlets have to be switched off. Water valves that shut off the kitchen faucet has to be safely off.

Cabinet Installation

Cabinet installation has to completed by an experienced cabinet installer. Reading the layout of the new kitchen will require expertise and experience. Most of the cabinet heights are standard and should be installed as planned, most challenges that most installers end up facing is crooked walls and floors may not be leveled. This creates challenges for the cabinet installation. After all the base and wall cabinets have been installed, carpentry and trim follows. Fillers, toe-kicks, decorative strips, crown moldings, panels, are to be installed.


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